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Providing Assisted Living Devices in the GTA

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with conversations? Have family members complained about how you keep the volume too loud on your TV or radio? These signs and others may be an indication that you need a hearing aid or other assistive listening devices in the GTA. 

Talk with the hearing specialists and hearing instrument practitioners at Hear for You in Etobicoke to assess your hearing and learn about the various hearing solutions available to you. No matter the extent of your hearing loss, our clinic will work with you to find the customized treatment that works best for your lifestyle.

What Are Assistive Listening Devices?

They are either amplifying or alerting devices that are used to improve a wanted signal to aid hearing in a specific situation such as: talking on the phone, watching television, hearing the doorbell or even hearing another person.

How Do ALDs Help?

They can either work with your hearing aid or be an alternative to help you hear better.

Can You Afford ALDs?

YES! We offer competitive prices and third party subsidy may also cover the cost of required devices.

Sennheiser RS 2000 Wireless TV Headphones

Sennheiser RS 2000 Wireless TV Headphones

Intensify your TV viewing experience with a clear audio immersion. The Sennheiser wireless TV headphones offer 3 unique listening profiles, each tailored for music, movies, and TV. You can also customize your listening experience with easy volume and balance control.

Superior TV sound quality
9 hrs of battery life per charge
Quick & easy set up
Freedom of movement up to 50 m/150 ft
Balance control
High volume directly adjustable on the receiver
Auto on/off
Lightweight receiver
Horizontal docking station with analogue audio input
Marsona DS-600 Sound Machine Tinnitus Masker with Jack

Marsona DS-600 Sound Machine Tinnitus Masker with Jack

People who suffer from tinnitus can now listen to their favourite sounds with ease. The Marsona Sound Machine has advanced capabilities to help mask the tinnitus with sounds including rain, surf, lakeshore, waterfall, brook, country evening.

60-minute timer conserves battery life
4" speaker for acoustic clarity
Push-button operation with LED selection indication
Uses 115 V AC or 4 "AA" batteries (not included)
Has a jack for use with pillow speaker (CAT. #3499-PS)
Compact size
HomeAware Complete Home Alerting Solution (Main Kit)

HomeAware Complete Home Alerting Solution (Main Kit)

Make your home safer with the HomeAware Starter Kit + Fire/CO alert solution. It comes with a powerful bed shaker and an in-built Smoke/CO listener to quickly alert your CO and smoke detectors of an ongoing emergency.

Choose to be alerted by just one or all: 110dB alarm, power bed shaker and flashing ultra-bright strobe light
Powerful bed shaker
Scrolling alert messages are shown on a bright red large 2 inch display
Dual alarm clock with alarm and snooze duration
Smoke and carbon monoxide detection
Compatible with all traditional and new HomeAware™ receivers
Caller ID for videophone and landline calls
Monitoring of low batteries and broken links between main unit and transmitters
Full battery backup
USB plug charges your cell phone while you sleep
Krown KCS50i Cordless

Krown KCS50i Cordless

This device can provide up to 53dB Gain. Caller ID with Large Text Screen three pre-set emergency key & three fast direct call key Earpiece cushion for comfortable conversation Supports headset jack and Neckloop jack Backlight Keypad and LCD Visual Ringer on both handset (with amplified ringer) and base Loud Ringer on handset, Base Tone control Duration: Talk time 6.5 hrs, Standby time six days & charge up time 12 hrs.

Sonic Boom Classic 1000 Alarm Clock with bed shaker

  • With adjustable volume and tone control, it is guaranteed to wake up even the heaviest sleepers
  • Also can be used as an alerting receiver when used with Sonic Alert transmitters
  • Can wake up to any combination of a loud audio alarm (113dB), flashing lights (by plugging a lamp into it), or shaking bed
  • Features a large, bright LCD screen
  • Battery backup for power outages
  • Built in receiver to pick up signals from other Sonic Alert signalers
  • Five-year warranty
Sonic Boom Classic 1000 Alarm Clock with bed shaker
PockeTalker Pro™

PockeTalker Pro™

Personal Versatile Listening System. This versatile, high quality device is designed to improve communication in difficult situations.

  • Original Style with Wide Range Earphone (EAR008)
  • Includes a sensitive plug mount microphone (MIC014)
  • Compact amplifier
  • Operates on AA batteries (included)
  • 12 ft. TV listening cord (WCA007)
  • Belt clip case (CCS001)

The Sennheiser Set 50 TV offers the quality of Sennheiser with an entry level price!

  • Receives up to 40 ft. within line of site of transmitter
  • 2.3/2.8 MHz Frequency
  • Balance control for easy adjustment between ears
  • Rechargeable BA 151 battery lasts for more than 9 hours on a single charge
  • Transmitter recharges headset and one additional battery
  • Very light weight headset for exceptional comfort
  • Two-year warranty
The Sennheiser Set 50 TV

Sennheiser Set 900

Most innovative TV listening system on the market

  • All in one model: TV listening set, hearing amplifier and personal theater headphone

  • Switchable channels: 2.3 & 2.8 stereo, 2.3 mono, 2.8 mono, 95 kHz mono

  • Stereo microphone included for personal sound amplification

  • Foldable ear bows makes unit portable

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack for extended audio enjoyment (12 hours)

  • Three selectable hearing settings on transmitter for adjustment of sound to individuals hearing level

Sennheiser Set 900
  • Two integrated microphones ensure that no ambient sounds are missed such as door bell or telephone

  • Balance control for right/left volume adjustment is on the receiver

  • Compression pre settings to compensate different types of hearing loss

  • Receiver switches on and off automatically when they are put on/ removed which saves battery life and is eco friendly

  • LED's indicating operation status

  • Two-year warranty Gently amplifies ambient noises or conversations

  • The receiver of the Set 900 is equipped with two external microphones, which gently amplify conversations even in loud places, such as restaurants. It also improves awareness of listeners' surroundings, such as a ringing telephone or the door bell, while watching TV.

  • Offers an audio boost at public facilities, including theaters and concert halls

  • Listeners can bring the receiver to any theater or concert hall equipped with infrared transmission, so they'll never miss a word of a movie, play or show.

  • Operates on the following switchable channels: 2.3 & 2.8 stereo, 2.3 mono, 2.8 mono, 95 kHz mono Plug-and-play design

  • Easily connects to most TVs, stereo system or radio Wireless freedom

  • Signals are transmitted by infrared light up to a distance of 40 feet, anywhere within a room Convenient sound and volume controls for a personalized listening experience

  • Adjustable volume, balance and treble settings

  • Compression switch neutralizes unpleasant differences between quiet and loud sounds - such as louder commercials - while enhancing speech intelligibility Long-lasting listening enjoyment

  • High-performance rechargeable lithium-polymer battery guarantees up to 12 hours of undisturbed and uninterrupted listening pleasure

  • Automatic on/off function conserves battery power

  • The receiver can be placed in the transmitter's charger facing in either direction - charging starts automatically

  • Transmitter includes integrated charging compartment for spare battery Ergonomic and comfortable

  • Lightweight design and soft, flexible ear cushions ensure the headphones remain comfortable even after long periods of use "Ergonomically designed controls and easy-to-read LCDs make the system especially easy to handle unbeatable portability

  • Foldable receiver and supplied carrying case for easy transport.

Comfort Contego HD W/Headphones & Earbuds

Wireless communication system with microphones in the transmitter and receiver which can be set to omni-directional or zoom. The zoom can be adjusted offering "sound focusing". The volume can be adjusted at both the transmitter and the receiver. The unit is extremely easy to use.

Comfort Contego HD W/Headphones & Earbuds

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