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Hearing Aids

Providing Hearing Aids & Devices in the GTA

Hear for You provides a range of hearing aids and devices in the GTA. From the sound of the gentlest wind to the purr of an engine to the hum of chords from your favourite song, hearing makes the world around us that much more vibrant. When you struggle to understand the sounds around you, it can leave you frustrated and feeling left out. Through hearing tests and evaluations, our Etobicoke area hearing specialists work to find the best solutions for your specific hearing loss needs. We will fit your hearing aid to your ear and provide adjustments, repairs, and general maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

What is a Hearing Aid?

A hearing aid is a battery operated, electronic device that amplifies and alters sound to allow for improved hearing. Sounds are received through a microphone which converts the sound waves to an electrical signal. This electrical signal is sent to the processor that interprets the sound based on three dimensions: intensity, frequency (ie. pitch) and complexity (ie. speech, music, noise, babble etc). 


The processor then manipulates and amplifies the signal based on the identified signal and the hearing loss that is programed into the instrument and sends it into the speaker which sends it to the ear. This whole process is done in milliseconds. The more complex the microphone and speaker and more importantly the hearing aid processor and amplifier the more expensive your hearing aid will be.

Are All Hearing Aids Big Beige and Boring?


Types of Hearing Aids

At Hear for You in Etobicoke, we offer a variety of hearing aids and assisted living devices including:

Now we offer Styletto Connect, a new hearing aid from Signia Hearing Aids. Its features include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Revolutionary design
  • Proven natural sound of Signia Nx
  • Convenient charging on-the-go
  • Remote control option
  • Own voice processing (OVP)
  • Ultra HD e2e
  • Directional microphones
  • Twin phone
  • IP 68-rated
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion power cell
  • Mini-receiver 2.0
  • Tinnitus therapy


In the ear rechargeable hearing aids

In the Ear Rechargeable

  • Choice of custom design for your ear or ready fit
  • Bluetooth compatible for cell phone and TV connection
  • Different technology levels to meet your needs
over the ear hearing aids

Over the Ear Rechargeable

  • Advanced features
  • Entry level options for affordability
  • Invisible close to invisible
  • Usually, local controls for programs and volume
  • Bluetooth compatible for cell phone and TV connections
  • Most wide selection of products
  • Meets most hearing aids
  • Most popular
Custom hearing aids

Battery Custom Hearing Aids

  • Easy to put in the ear
  • Don’t have to worry about carrying a charger
  • Various colours
Behind the ear hearing aids

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

  • Have large battery that lasts up to 20+ days
  • Various mold fittings to meet comfort levels and hearing aid needs
  • Easy to clean if you have a lot of wax
invisible hearing aids

Invisible Hearing Aids

  • No one can see you wear them
  • Custom or ready to fit styles
  • Remote control compatible
chargers for hearing aids

Portable Chargers for Your Hearing Aids

  • Be ready to hear at an instant
  • Never searching for batteries

What Happens After You Get a Hearing Aid?

Our job is making sure you know how to put the hearing aid on and how it functions and how it sounds. Furthermore, we book appointments to ensure that the person remembers what they learned on the first day they purchased the hearing aid. We also book follow up appointments to make sure a client can adjust to their new listening environment. Then, we continue to increase the hearing aid to meet targets which allow the client to hear speech clearly.

YES! We try to find third party assistance such as: Veteran Affairs, WSIB, ODSP, Social Services, Private Insurance, etc.

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a hearing aid:

Degree of hearing loss
Listening requirements
Ear shape and size
Style preference
Style preference
Ability to handle instrument and controls
Lifestyle needs

List of Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Latest Small Hearing Aids – The “Invisible” Hearing Aid

The “invisible hearing aid” maybe a misnomer however, hearing aid manufactures have been able to create very advanced technology into very small hearing aids to assist those with a hearing impairment. This most recent improvement in hearing aid technology has increased the level of aesthetics, comfort and a more natural sound quality than was previously possible. Some of the latest "invisible hearing aids" are:

Book an Appointment in Etobicoke

While many people associate hearing loss with the elderly, it can impact people of all ages. Many people 65 years of age and younger experience some type of loss. If you’re concerned about your hearing, contact our audiologists to schedule your personal assessment.


Want hearing aids that fit your lifestyle? Make sure you try them first!

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