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Want Hearing Aids That Fit Your Lifestyle? Make Sure You Try Them First!

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first. Why should your hearing aids be any different? We understand that choosing hearing aids is a big decision. That’s why we are now offering Flex™, a unique program that lets you try out hearing aids for free, in your daily life, so you can make a confident decision.

Experiencing Is Believing

There is no waiting with Flex™. You wear the hearing aids home from your very first appointment with instructions to try them in all of the listening environments where you typically spend time. There is no deposit to put down and no obligation to purchase after the trial. You simply try the hearing aids out for a period of time and then we work together to decide which ones are right for you.

Evidence Eliminates the Guesswork

Flex™ hearing aids have a feature built in that is very reassuring when it comes to making a choice. Log It All automatically keeps track of how the hearing aids are performing across various listening environments, such as having lunch with a friend at a café, reading a book before bed and even listening to live music at a piano bar. With Log It All, you are going to have a record of how the Flex™ hearing aids performed in all of the listening environments where you spent time during your trial. When we sit down after your trial period is over, we review this information together to get a truly accurate picture of your acoustical lifestyle. By making decisions based on evidence collected from your actual experiences, you end up with a hearing aid that is customized just for your lifestyle.

Make a Confident Choice

Hearing loss raises enough questions without having to worry about how to choose the right hearing aids. Our unique program not only lets you experience the benefits of amplification in your daily life, it provides the hard evidence you need to choose a hearing aid that is customized to perform for you, wherever you go and whatever you do. Call to set up your free Flex™ appointment today.

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